• Hearing Instruments
  • The hearing instruments prescribed and fit at New Hampshire Hearing and Balance are nothing short of amazing.

    • No more whistling.
    • No more having to fiddle with buttons or volume controls.
    • You get to choose how large or small you would like your hearing instruments to be.
    • A digitally programmable hearing aid can change with your needs. A well fit device simply needs to be reprogrammed when hearing abilities shift. A quality pair of hearing instruments can last a long time.

    BTE vs. ITE

    Hearing Aids are available in two basic styles. BTE, which stands for "Behind The Ear," and ITE, which stands for "Inside The Ear." After your hearing is tested we can help you select the best devices for you. Digital technology has made it possible for hearing instruments to be very small, powerful and virtually unseen.

    Hearing loss can be much more visible than hearing aids.

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