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    Noise exposure is a leading cause of hearing loss. Exposure to sound over 120 decibels can cause damage in as little as 7 ½ minutes.

    90 – 95 Decibels is the level where sustained exposure can cause hearing loss.

    Normal Conversation
    60-70 dB
    Operating a power mower
    107 dB
    100 dB
    Power saw
    110 dB
    Rock Concert
    115 dB
    Gun Blast
    140 dB

    We can create custom fitted hearing protection for whatever you do for work or play.
    Power Equipment, Industrial, Nascar, Shooting Sports, Rock Concerts

    Swim Plugs

    We fit custom swim molds for children and adults . Kids with tubes need the professional fit we provide.
    Many surfers know of the perils of constant exposure to cold waters and choose our products. Available in all colors and yes they float.

    Musician Plugs

    Our custom fit musician plugs enable musicians to hear the highs and lows while attenuating sound up to 25 decibels.

    Custom Ear Buds

    Tired of your ear buds falling out or not staying put at the gym? Custom molded ear buds are perfect for runners, snowboarders or any active lifestyle. Fun colors…you work out the ear buds will not.

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